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Lazy Mountain Children's Home


In the 50's and early 60's, FCC Anchorage members sponsored children that were placed in the home, as shown in the FCC Anchorage historical Lazy Mountain Family Members Sponsored document below.

Noteworthy to the credit of one of the sponsors is Roberta Widdified who endorsed a 15 year old named Bill Olson.

Christian Singing and Musical instruments were a great source of inspiration back than especially without current media influence as it is today. The children lived in serious bush Alaska where TV and other amenties were not available. Bill Olson started his musical career at Lazy Mountain Children's home.

Sponsor Widdifield would be proud today if she knew that the child she funded is now at 75 years old the lead musician at the Anchorage Moravian Church and quite a singer at that.

CLICK on the photo of Bill to hear him sing, "I hear the Angels Coming" a video recorded at the Anchorage Moravian Church on September 29th, 2013.